Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

what do you do here at cornerstone constructions?

Cornerstone Constructions was formed in 2012, with a focus on quality finishes and attention to detail.

We specialise in custom and luxury homes and have a real passion for giving our clients the home of their dreams.

Our end goal is simple – creating a beautiful home for you.

To hear more, check out this video from our owner Ben Connolly.


what does a finished home, delivered by cornerstone look like?

A finished home from Cornerstone Constructions looks like a happy client.

We truly value delivering exactly what our clients want – both in terms of construction and outcome.

To hear more, check out this video from our owner, Ben Connolly.

Ben mentioned 'finishing strong' in our meeting - what does this mean?

Finishing strong, in simple terms, means bringing the job all together to create one polished and well finished home.

It means nothing has been overlooked, swept under the rug of ‘covered up’ – it means the job has been done properly and nothing is going to stand out for the wrong reasons!

For more, hear from Ben directly through the following video.

How important is it to set a budget at the beginning of the building process?

It’s important to decide how much you can spend right from the start, because that will determine other important issues about your new home, such as the size, the type of materials used and the fittings you are looking to install. 

Before we start working with you on a design, it’s good to consider how much elements of your dream house will cost you, so you can be informed of the financial elements of the build.

custom luxury home builder
custom luxury home builder

Am I able to change my mind on various fittings after the build has started?

One of the best things about working with Cornerstone Constructions is that you will have complete visibility throughout the build, which means you will know what decisions are being made and when. 

This means that if you decided to change elements such as kitchen surfaces, plumbing or room sizes after work has started you will be able to see what can be achieved without adding in unnecessary costs or delays to construction.

As the home owner, how involved should i be in the building process?

We consider it a privilege to partner our customers when building their new home and we encourage clear and regular communication throughout the build. 

You can follow the progress of the work through our online programs, or have regular site visits to chat with Ben and his team. You get to decide how involved you will be.

custom luxury home builder
custom luxury home builder

how long will it take to build my new home?

The building process will take around 20 weeks once we start.

To begin with, we will need to meet with you to discuss your desired build, and get an idea of things.

Once we have drafting, architectural designs and building permits we will have the ability to start the actual ‘building’ side of the job.

From here the process will typically take around 20 weeks permitting we have a clean run of weather, issues and other factors. 

i still have questions about the building process...

Building a custom or luxury home is not always a straight-forward process. 

If you’ve got questions about the building process, working with Cornerstone or simply just want to chat to someone you can reach out to us through the link below.

custom luxury home builder
'We could not be happier with Ben and Cornerstone Constructions team on our home extension. Honest, experienced, quality workmanship are just a few words I would describe when it comes to Cornerstone. Thanks again, Lee & Carla.'
cornerstone constructions review testimonial
Carla Marie Alach
Kingscliff, NSW

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