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Building a custom home allows you to design your dream home exactly how you want it.

You can outline your ideal style, layout and inclusions – with the added benefit of individuality and character.

However, building a custom home requires much more than your standard ‘off-the-shelf” build…

At Cornerstone Constructions, we specialise as luxury and custom home builders and are here to guide you through the process.

Do you want something unique not “off the shelf” like the one next-door? Speak to us about your next custom home build ?

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A luxury home should reflect high-quality workmanship, and stunning architecture and perfectly complement your style and land.

Luxury homes are typically more than just a place to live – they are an extension of personality that reflects modern design and excellence.

Finding a team that can capture and execute your vision can take some searching. At Cornerstone Constructions, we specialize as custom luxury home builders and have extensive experience in the field.

Looking for a lot more Luxury in a new home build, let us bring your dreams into reality!

3D Modern House Design

The Cornerstone Difference

Vision and Values

The Cornerstone of our business philosophy is our strong values-based culture that focuses less on what we do and more on how we do it. It’s no surprise then that our vision and values are incredibly important to every member of our team.


To be the market leader in project delivery, achieving sustainable growth through the quality of our people and the strength of our relationships through respect, honesty, hard work, quality workmanship and reliability.

Values :

Safety: Safety and health are what matter most.

People: Our team are the strength and soul of our business.

Leadership: We take ownership and lead by example at all levels.

Teamwork: We work together and support each other to achieve success.

Client Relationships: We have trusting relationships with our clients.

Community: We show respect for the community, Indigenous Australians

and the environment.

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Built confidence through communication.”

As a respected leader in the building and construction industry, Cornerstone offers a diversified range of services to the private individual looking for high-end attention-to-detail custom home builds, through to commercial, infrastructure and government sectors across Australia.

Cornerstones' remarkable growth is underlined by of experience delivering integrated solutions to our clients on all projects.

Our success is based on our ability to build strong relationships and produce positive outcomes for our clients.

We operate and deliver these services across Australia and in regional and remote locations, often with challenging logistics.

Looking for a professional builder for your Custom Luxury Home project?

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At Cornerstone we strive for shared success by developing high-performing teams that are aligned to our vision and values and share the belief that individually we are whole but together we are better. This belief thrives upon strong professional relationships and having genuine conversations.

We know that if we succeed, then we all succeed.


Our promise to you is that you will always feel heard to and communicated with during the planning stages, throughout the build, and even following the handover process.

We believe a quality outcome begins with a detailed scope of work's and a thorough understanding of what it is our clients are wanting to achieve.



Our people are our real strength, it is our people who make this business. They are the clear and leading reason for our ongoing success. While our people bring expertise and knowledge, Cornerstone is dedicated to providing opportunities. We also aim to build strong, meaningful and lasting relationships with all of our employees. This makes for a committed and positive team that is supported to achieve great things, personally and professionally.

Our recruitment strategy is to attract, retain and develop the right people, and those whose beliefs and values align with our “Cornerstone Foundation’. We believe in working as a team and supporting each other to understand and achieve our common goals which extends to us fostering strong relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and consultants. Long-term, meaningful relationships are integral to our business.

With pride in their work, our people have the drive to make your project a success.

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Modern House

Did you know we do commercial and industrial construction?

New Commercial Building



We understand that when it comes to commercial construction time is money. Our flexibility means we can devise a construction schedule to ensure your business is up and running again as soon as possible.

The expertise of our staff combined with our extensive network of local suppliers and subcontractors ensure we deliver a quality product on time, every time. We have defined policies and procedures for commercial work with a strong focus on workplace health and safety.

The best at what we do

We have developed a reputation in the industry as being the best at what we do, working with a wide range of companies and projects.

Our team has the flexibility, expertise and experience to cater for your next project, whether it be small or large; commercial or industrial building.

current & previous commercial projects

Our commercial construction projects have spanned many industries and vary greatly in size and scope.

With the acquisition of key project coordination roles on several commercial projects past and present our capabilities as a group have increased along with the scale of the commercial and industrial works obtained to date, giving us the breadth of expertise and capacity to facilitate these greater commercial and industrial sized projects.

Consulting closely with our clients and keeping key stakeholders up-to-date on the latest progress and activities, we ensure that our work always remains in line with our clients’ needs, while surpassing their expectations.


Keeping our people and our projects safe is central to everything we do at Cornerstone.

Our dedicated safety FIRST program is designed to empower every person in the organisation to ensure their work practices are focused on ZERO harm.

Saftey FIRST drives behaviours, attitudes, decisions and actions within the business to achieve a working environment that is free from injury or incident.


holistic, collaborative and innovative.


At Cornerstone we all take the time to understand the importance of managing the environments in which we operate.

Cornerstone has notable experience in operating within stringent quarantine regulations, and in managing environmental guidelines such as nature reserves.

Our team are all trained to recognise how critical it is to protect native vegetation and indigenous animals.

We are highly sensitive to the overriding need to consider and protect our natural environments so that we can preserve the land for future generations to enjoy.

Managing our environment comes naturally.

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At Cornerstone we are innovative in our approach and have the expertise to create complete project solutions.

Companies choose to work with us as we are holistic and collaborative in our approach and we engineer the best design and construct solutions for our clients.

From design through to construction and commissioning, we deliver high-quality, innovative, and best-for-project outcomes.

Our reputation is built on forming strong relationships with our clients and working with them to achieve unique, cost-effective results whilst maintaining quality and safety.

However, innovation isn’t just about ground breaking capabilities and engineering new ways of doing things, it’s working smarter, continually improving and executing tasks in the best way possible.

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We make finding the right build type for your needs easy.

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